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Bar Rockin' Divas LLC is a team of like minded individuals working together to promote health and wellness through special events, arts, dance, & physical fitness.  Bar Rockin Divas is 100% female owned and operated.  We hold charity events, painting parties, private parties and free classes to those that can't afford or do not have access to wellness programs, nutrition classes and fitness. Giving back to your community, is the ultimate reward.  Our primary products are "Bar and Night Life" consulting,  corporate program design, special events, fitness consulting & instruction, nutrition & weight-loss, LIVE performances, wardrobe design and so much more! We   currently have an APP that was designed and developed to promote nutrition, fitness and community in a supportive and safe environment. Currently available on Apple or Google Play.



Farrah Hines, Owner & Founder

Shawna Matsunaga, Foundation Director

Dannii Moone, "FIT Club, Director