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WaterRower Rowing Machine

Have you ever trained with a personal trainer? Cardio based training requires a sleek resistance machine . This calm and soothing ride is a self-determining and rhythmic experience. You can row fast or you can row at a moderate speed. Water rowing will have you exerting energy, burning calories and feeling great, all while encompassing a full body work out. Get the results you need by keeping your heart rate in a burn zone.

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Battle Ropes HIIT Training

Personal training will introduce a variety of fun and challenging ways to offer a killer workout. Battle ropes, in a high intensity interval training, will do just that. These heavy ropes offer a major challenge to the abs, shoulders, arms and legs. Its a great conditioning tool to improve both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity over time. Pumping, slamming, circling and whipping are the key to a great battle rope work out.

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Resistance Training

Personal training is a second set of eyes to ensure you are performing each exercise in a safe and proper way. Resistance training helps to strengthen the body and improve endurance. Did you know, resistance training is the optimal way of adding quality muscle to your body? Resistance training can also be used therapeutically, by sending nutrient rich blood to old injuries . Setting fitness goals will help you stay focused!

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Treadmill Cardio Training

Run fast, jog slow or climb the incline to add a cardio based workout to the agenda. Treadmills are no walk in the park…pun intended. They are a great cardio addition that allows you to control the speed, increase your incline or select pyramid interval workouts to add that extra degree of intensity. Cardio based training will assist you in keeping your heart rate pumping during or in between sets.