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Jul 4, 2022 - Oct 2, 2022

MOVE "LIVE" 90 Day Challenge: Begins July 4, 2022!

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Bootcamp, Yoga & Groove Camp: bootcamp & dance fusion * 30 Minute Live Classes * Classes 5 Days a Week * 2 "LIVE" Noble Savage Yoga Classes * 2 "LIVE" Booty 101 Bootcamps * 1 Groove Camp: 2 rounds of Bootcamp & Dance Fusion * MOVE TV Channel * 24 Hour Access to On Demand Library! WEEKLY SCHEDULE- *subject to changes Monday: Booty 101 Bootcamp Tuesday: Noble Savage Yoga Wednesday: Booty 101 Bootcamp Thursday: Noble Savage Yoga Friday: Groove Camp (bootcamp and dance fusion) Saturday: Cardio Dance Sunday: Rest

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Farrah Hines
Farrah Hines


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