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May 30, 2022 - Aug 28, 2022

GROOVE CAMP 30 Day Challenge: Begins May 30, 2022!

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Groove Camp: bootcamp & dance fusion, Yoga & Dance A full week of classes and healthy habits... in one complete 30 day program! Moving your body is one of the best ways to improve your mood and your health, and that’s what this challenge is all about. No magic. No wizardry. Just 30 days of exercises and good habits built for any time and any location, no equipment needed. You will receive daily notifications to remind you to GET MOVING. Just Click & Sweat. $99 to JOIN Monday: Groove Camp (bootcamp and dance fusion) Tuesday: Noble Savage Yoga Wednesday: Groove Camp (bootcamp and dance fusion) Thursday: Noble Savage Yoga Friday: Groove Camp (bootcamp and dance fusion) Saturday: Cardio Dance Sunday: Rest

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Farrah Hines
Farrah Hines


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